Why to Choose India
India is referred to as a subcontinent of Southern Asia owing to its distinct and vast landmass. Surrounded by sea on three sides and Himalayas on the North East separating India from the rest of mainland Asia. India has 28 States and 8 Union territories. The largest cities are Mumbai having a metropolitan population of 20 million, Calcutta- ca 14 million, Delhi- ca 28 million, Bangalore 10 million and Chennai- ca 8.6 million. India is famous for its ancient history, varied landscapes and diverse culture.

India is on its way to being the fastest rising economy in the world

India is global business partner to many countries in the world. India has world's largest middle class population of 140 million households and upper middle class of 20 million with huge spending power. High-tech companies in sectors such as Information Technology, Telecommunications, and Engineering are advance and service providers to many international companies.

Increasing Demand in the Market

Low operational cost

Skilled work force- communication in English

Great work ethics

Well-developed financial system

Business friendly Laws

Strong base of English-speaking population