India is our Expertise

We help to do Business with India

We help companies to build profitable businesses in India.

Our company is specialised in doing business with India. We help companies who are looking to do business with India. India can be complex in many ways therefore it is easy to get lost in India. With our help you can achieve your goals with ease. If you want to know how India can become an optimized strategic part in your business plan, Tell us – and we will come up with right solutions which will save you time and money.

We are members of   Sweden India Business Council & Sweden-On-the-Go

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We represent   INBA (Indian National Bar Association) in Sweden and rest of Europe. INBA has over 10,000 members.

Establish your Company in India

Do right from the start

To enter Indian Market, you need local knowledge and support. With our help you will have both. We will make available a quick set-up, permissions, network, contacts all that is needed to succeed.

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Manufacture your Products in India

Identify right manufacturer

Take advantage of our knowledge in identifying the right company. We already have vast network. Custom-made products, Manufacturing-process, Quality control, shipping all arranged.

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IT-help in or from India

Indian IT-knowledge is advanced

We can arrange all kind of IT services/project development that needs to be done in house or in India. In case you wish to hire IT-Engineers from India, we can arrange that too.

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Export/import to or from India

Interesting products for Indian Market

India is a hugh market. We are always looking for interesting products that can be launched in India. These may be consumer goods, hi-tech items, new innovations or technology.
Or Import products for the European Market.

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Marketing Assistance

We will arrange it for you

Help is at hand if you wish to market your products in India. We can get you best Agents, distributors, Salesmen etc depending upon your needs.

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Legal Matters in India

We have solutions for legal issues

We are very good in handling Legal matters. Are you already in India and have legal issues or on the way to India, consult us for all your legal requirements. We can simplify complicated issues and find solutions that are easy to handle.

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We are a team of professionals who are experts in the field of company formation, factory establishment, manufacturing, Sourcing, Sales/Marketing & Distribution and not to mention the best Corporate Lawyers and Chartered Accountants. We have time saving solutions.

Our experienced team will ensure that you succeed in India with your mission.

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